January 5, 2006 – West Palm Beach, FL – Today, US Presidential Contender Daniel Imperato spoke out today about Putin/Bush relations and the pale side of the Russian position.

“While I have great respect for George W. Bush as an individual, I question his ability and understanding of the Russian government,” stated Imperato.

Imperato is concerned that Bush doesn’t recognize the difference between democracy in the US and democracy in Russia.

“The cold war between Russia and the US has been declared over, and Russia is now a democracy, yet there is a stark difference between democracy in the US and democracy in Russia,” said Imperato.

Bush’s lack of experience dealing with the Russian people, according to Imperato, is a detriment to our nation.

“My opinion is that George Bush’s inexperience with foreign policy and lack of understanding of Russian people, has exposed himself as well as our country. So while Putin visits the ranch in Texas, and Bush visits Putin in Moscow, George W. Bush is receiving his first-class education on Russian policy at the expense and risk of our country,” asserted Imperato.

Imperato went on to describe an anecdote of an experience he had while in Russia.

“Some years ago, I spent a lot of time in Russia and in fact, supported a Russian immigrant who came to the United States of America. I learned of this young man’s plight for opportunity and felt compelled to help. Here was a person that was very polite, hospitable, sincere, and honest, who had been denied his chance in life, and even asked me to be his adopted father in America. However, once he got his way, and got into America, he stopped being that well-mannered young man and started to utilize his personality, height, and good looks to get what he needed from others and I haven’t heard from him since,” stated Imperato.

“The point is that president Vladimir Putin, who I have a great respect for, has diverted the attention of the world away from his KGB roots and from the days of the communist Soviet Union, and has transformed himself to the image of a fine, handsome, well-mannered, hospitable, intelligent, friend and human being.”

Contrary to Bush’s ‘silver spoon’, Imperato felt as though his upbringing on Boston’s rough west end enabled him to better understand the history of the Russian people.

“I believe that my upbringing was not quite as harsh as the poverty stricken Soviet Union. But coming from the poor section of Boston, MA and dealing with the Russian immigrant who stole my compassion, I come out to say that my understanding of breadlines is more evenly yoked with the pale face of Russia,” asserted Imperato.

“I had to fight as a young man for a piece of bread, and I had to roll up my sleeves and deliver newspapers in the blizzard storms of New England at age 6. Additionally my understanding is furthered because my grandmother’s blood from my father’s side, the Imperato side, was Lithuanian.”

In addition, in light of Russia’s alliances with Iran and their nuclear program, Imperato felt that Russia must state what their intentions with relations with the United States are.

“My father brought me up like a military sergeant would have trained his soldiers or his agent in this case. I directly relate to Putin, and see clearly through his posture and would like the opportunity to meet with him in the near future to discuss the very direction and course of which he is leading his country. We need to know who he is siding with pertaining to the future relations between the US and Russia,” explained Imperato.

Subsequently, Imperato called on the American people for support.

“I call on our administration and our President George Bush to remember that being spoon fed in a political family is much different than standing in breadlines. I call on the American people to support me in my bid for the 2008 US presidency because I believe that know the people and politics with my 30 years of global experience,” asserted Imperato.

Despite Bush’s best attempts, Imperato stated that he sees through the Bush-Putin friendship, and understands Putin’s background.

“I see clearly through the Bush-Putin dance and friendship that I hope doesn’t turn out to the same kind of friendship that I’ve had in the past. I believe that the stern military training and deep ties that President Putin has in his country and within his party are much stronger and have been earned through more training than is seen with the eyes,” said Imperato.

Imperato wrapped up his statement with the following comments, “Compared to Vladimir Putin our President George Bush has been spoon fed and, in my opinion, has no clue as to the surrounding elements of the pale face. I look forward to representing the United States of America and its people particularly in US/Russian relations.”

About Daniel Imperato
Daniel was born in Boston, Mass ( 1958 ), and began his business career in 1977 transforming the manufacturing facilities in Israel through adapting them to the global marketplace along with bringing financing to the factories for global expansion. He also operated a trading company in Singapore and owned a manufacturing company in Belgium. Daniel brings over thirty years of experience in global business planning and development and has personal relationships at high levels around the world. Daniel has consulted for Fortune 500 corporations, with a mix of product lines, consisting of telecommunications products and services, telecommunications equipment including v-sat terminals and handheld mobile satellite telephones, along with passport and identification cards services and secure documents for foreign governments around the world. He is currently a Papal Knight with honors from the Vatican, and a board member for the African Center Foundation, a United Nations NGO.

Daniel has been a resident of West Palm Beach, Fl for over 10 years, and has devoted his time towards many worthwhile causes including our youth, and HIV/AIDS. He has unique value, explosive energy and has the ability to achieve what most others cannot. Daniel is also a dedicated honorable businessperson with morals and values that are based on trust and integrity. Presently, he has organized a Presidential Exploratory Committee in order to gauge support for a possible run at the White House in 2008.

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